End Terminals – About Guardrail End Terminals

What are End Terminals

At Guardrail Direct, our mission is to provide quality road and building safety barriers. We design our product lines with the goal to minimise the consequences of vehicle collisions.

Guardrail end terminals offer a method of changing the direction of a guardrail run, making it easy to protect the corner of a building, or to safely protect pedestrians from the end of any guardrail run.

We are passionate advocates for road and pedestrian safety, and we ensure that we adhere to the Australian standards with our products’ build.

These end terminal products are available either galvanised or powder-coated in safety yellow for a high visibility situation. Slimline options are also available to protect pedestrians from sharp edges where there may not be enough room to fit a small bullnose.

Made from UV treated soft rubber and coloured safety yellow for high visibility, they offer a cost-effective and easy finishing solution.

Benefits of Guardrail & Guardrail End Terminals

Our “energy-absorbing” end terminals are especially created to consume more force than other types of terminals during impacts. They can absorb energy, even those at larger angles (15 degrees)—without the higher cost.

Energy Absorption = Better Protection

Where to use Guardrail End Terminals

Our 5 End Terminals have different uses and applications:

90 Degree Bend (External)

The 90 Degree External Bend is an end terminal that helps in changing the direction of the guardrail run, making it easy for the guardrails to protect the corner of buildings and other important structures in case of a collision. It is manufactured from a 2.5mm-material and comes in either a hot-dipped galvanised or powder-coated safety yellow finish, for higher visibility. This external bend weighs 11kg and measures around 700x700x400mm.

90 Degree Bend (Internal)

The Internal 90 Degree Bend also offers a method of changing the direction of the guardrail run, which makes it easy to protect building corners and other similar structures in case of an impact. Although it is preset to bend at 90 degrees, you can easily adjust it to other angles. This end terminal is manufactured from a 2.5mm material and comes in two finishes: hot-dipped galvanised or powder coated safety yellow for maximum visibility. Each piece weighs at 11kg and spans to 700x700x400mm.


A bullnose is a small or large compact piece at the end of a guardrail. It prevents damaging contact with any guardrails’ sharp edges, making it highly efficient. It’s common in carparks and factories, where it protects road users from the end-on impact with any guardrail. The small bullnose is manufactured from 2.5mm material while the large bullnose is crafted with 3mm HA250 material. Both sizes come in either a hot-dipped galvanised finish or a powder-coated safety yellow finish for high visibility.

Guardrail End Protector Safety Yellow

Guardrail Direct’s End Protector offers a slimline option to protect pedestrians from sharp edges on guardrails that do not have enough room to fit even a small bullnose. This light and compact protector only weighs .400kg and has a dimension of 125x91x320mm. This product comes in a bright safety yellow finish and made from UV treated soft rubber fit for high visibility, making it an easy and cost-effective finishing solution for any smaller guardrails.

X350 End Terminal

This is the perfect end terminal for any standard highway guardrail. It provides an improved vehicular control that can hold impact force in tension—which means lesser chances of kinked rails on the road. It can also be flared to 1200mm and has little to no debris scatter on impact. It’s a patented technology designed in New Zealand and is approved to NCHRP 350 TL-3’s standards. It is easy to maintain and comes with a safety yellow finish end cover for higher visibility, making it an effective life-saving solution for guardrails on the road.

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