Bollards – About Guardrail Safety Bollards

What are Safety Bollards

The safety of employees is the utmost concern for any work environment, most especially those that constantly experience high traffic from forklifts, vehicles, and other fast-paced mobile equipment. But despite the structures and equipment built as an effort to secure the area from all possible danger, there is no 100% guarantee that injuries or damage will not happen throughout the workday.

You can never be too safe when it comes to the life of your employees and workers and adding another layer of protective barrier such as bollards might just be the extra step needed to fully secure any worksite.

Guardrail Direct’s safety bollards are high quality, versatile barrier equipment that provides exceptional protection both outside and inside the buildings. This no-nonsense solution for directing traffic and protecting your assets absorb impact to increase safety and security in any facility.

Our bollards are visual guides that come in many sizes and can be utilised to protect utilities, electronics, machinery, buildings, or pedestrians from accidental collisions. The galvanised or safety yellow finish also ensures easy visibility to match existing architectural styles. This serves to further protect loading docks or define perimeters for transport traffic which will keep your workers and equipment safe from damage.

Benefits of Safety Bollards

Bollards are visual aids to guide traffic and restrict vehicle access to particular areas. They provide an extra layer of protection in areas that cannot easily be reached by guard rails and other safety barriers.
Their pipe-style design allows them to be placed in tighter curves and narrow areas, allowing enough room for personnel on foot to walk around them, but still remain visible to any employees handling the larger, mobile equipment.
These protective barriers come in various designs fit for any type of working environment.
This high quality and versatile product is the perfect solution to serve as an extra safety layer no matter where you put it, which makes it the top choice for warehouses, factories, parking areas and car parks as well as retail storefronts.

Where to use Safety Bollards

Safety bollards are used to create physical barriers for traffic and protect site perimeters without impeding pedestrian flow. They are widely used to divide traffic lanes and are usually installed alongside buildings or entryways, in front of water and gas meters, warehouse shelving corners, and many more.

– Warehouse spaces and factories

Bolt down safety bollards are also widely used in warehouse spaces and factories as they can prevent damage to valuable merchandise and industrial racks—especially the racking, fragile materials, packaging, and finished product surfaces that are often threatened by pallet jacks and forklifts. Bollards also add an extra layer of protection for door mechanisms in loading bays and other high-traffic entryways.

Car parks and other traffic areas

The galvanised and safety yellow finish allow bollard posts to be highly visible to drivers, which makes them ideal for car parks and other high-traffic areas to direct and deter traffic as needed.

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