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Below are a few of the common questions we get asked in relation to our guardrail range of products.

If the information you require is not below, please feel free to call us on 03 9736 3333 for expert advice and information or contact us now via email.

What is guardrail generally used for?

Guardrail is commonly used to help outline the boundaries of any space that may pose some danger to an individual. Safety guard rails are used to deter or prevent access to areas that are off-limits or deemed dangerous.

What height is guardrail?

The most used height is 740mm (this is the road authority’s specification). But height can vary on individual requirements and can be made accordingly. Some circumstances require double or even triple height guardrails, we make any combination!

How strong is guardrail?

Guardrail can be configured in many different ways to make either a barrier for visual effect or right up to a barrier that will not let anything through it.
Ring Ian at Guardrail Direct for expert advice and to discuss a guardrail that would be suitable for your requirements.

Is guardrail expensive?

No, the cost of guard rails is dependent on the shape, size, and length of the rails that are needed. For example, curved guard rails can cost you around $155 for a 4.0 metre piece that has galvanised coating and $310 for the same length that is finished in a safety yellow powder coat.

Other types of guardrail, for example, circular guard rail is more expensive and can cost around $1,100 for a 500 mm circle. Straight lengths are generally cheaper than special-shaped pieces and can roughly cost $60 per metre if galvanised and $120 per metre if powder-coated to safety yellow.

What are some of the benefits of using guardrail safety barriers?

The safety of employees is the utmost concern for any work environment, especially those that constantly experience high traffic, especially in factories and warehouses to help protect pedestrians and staff from collisions with forklifts, vehicles, and other fast-paced mobile equipment.

In warehouses and factories, guardrail safety barriers also keep workers out of areas that pose a threat to their safety, such as near machinery and electrical equipment.

How do I get a quote for guardrail and accessories if I don’t know what product goes where?

Ring Ian at Guardrail Direct on 03 9736 3333 for expert advice and information he will discuss your requirements and help you through the process.

How do I work out the lengths of guardrails and ends I need if I have an overall length required?

Many of our Guardrail customers simply email a rough sketch (with the distances required) of the section or sections they want. Guardrail Direct will send you back your sketch with the lengths that can be achieved using our standard rails and ends.

If exact lengths are required, we can make to your requirements (normally within working weeks).

How long does it take to get a shipping quote?

Weekdays generally 1 to 2 hours.

Do you make guardrail pedestrian safety gates?

Yes, we manufacture these locally in Australia. Our Guardrail pedestrian gates have customisable openings, a magnetic catch and are self-closing. These are commonly made to order and ideal applications include factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial and commercial premises, as well as in schools and childcare centres.

Can guardrail be used with a handrail?

Yes, our guardrail posts are compatible to bolt a riser on the back of them, you can connect handrail to the risers with fittings that have Allen key screws (no onsite welding), Guardrail Direct can supply all these accessories. You can even ask Ian for photos of similar jobs Guardrail Direct will have supplied.

What are the benefits of using safety bollards?

Guardrail safety bollards act as a visual aid to guide traffic and restrict vehicle access to particular areas, especially in commercial and industrial work environments.

Safety bollards have a pipe-style design which allows them to be placed in tighter curves and narrow areas, allowing enough room for personnel on foot to walk around them, but remain visible to any employees handling the larger, mobile equipment.

Guardrail bollards are a perfect solution to serve as an extra safety layer in the work environment especially in warehouses, factories, parking areas and car parks as well as retail storefronts.

Can you show us some guardrail product examples in use?

You can view some of our recent installations and projects of guardrail safety barriers, bollards, barricades, gates and posts in use on our guardrail projects page:

Guardrail in use examples

Who is Guardrail Direct?

Guardrail Direct is an Australian family business, operating out of our factory in Melbourne, Victoria and has been operating since 1995. All Guardrail products are locally manufactured, and we sell a range of high-quality Guard Rail products which are available to purchase on-line and we and can ship anywhere in Australia.

All of our products are manufactured to Vic Roads Specification 708 – Steel Beam Guardfence and hot-dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS 4680.

Guardrail Direct also installs Road Safety Barriers, Motorcycle Barriers, End Terminals, Carpark and Warehouse Barriers.

Our highly skilled and specialist staff have a commitment to provide the highest quality and service at all times.

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