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From road safety and motorcycle barriers to concrete road and warehouse barriers, we install and manufacture an quality range of guardrail products.  We are a leader in Guardrail industry providing safety barriers providing our clients with superior quality service and products.

Providing Professional Guardrail Installation

Though our guardrail installations are cost-effective, there is no compromise on quality.  Since we are both a factory direct supplier and Australian manufacturer, this gives us minimal overheads and allows us to pass on the low costs to you.  This is an added advantage for us to make sure that you are only getting the highest quality installation service.


Guardrail direct manufacture guardrail for factory and warehouse situations including but not limited to the following;

Pedestrian Walkway Protection

Workstation and Transformer Area Barriers

Protect Equipment from Forklift Damage

Protect Buildings from damage (ie, walls and doors)


Roadside barriers are used to protect traffic from roadside obstacles or hazards, such as slopes steep enough to cause rollover crashes, fixed objects like bridge piers, and bodies of water.

Roadside barriers can also be used with medians, to prevent vehicles from colliding with hazards within the median or vehicles travelling in the opposite


Guardrail Direct can manufacture special bridge posts to engineers or road authority’s designs to suit the relevant situation


Carpark barriers are used to protect people and property from slow moving traffic  including but not limited to:


Carpark Lightpoles



Fire Services


Guardrail Direct can manufacture many different variations of guardrail to protect your valuable assets including but not limited to:

Curved Guardrail around Water Tanks etc

Stand alone Electrical Switchboards

Fire Hydrant’s

Complete Circular Guardrail around Factory Columns etc

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