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What are Guardrail Posts

Guardrails function as a safety net for vehicles and other machinery. Knowing when buildings require guardrails should be the number one priority of commercial property and building owners. The main purpose, in addition to preventing accidents, is also to prevent unauthorized access to certain areas.

Guardrails are generally required when the building has landings, steps, platforms, or accessible roof spaces, as well as for car parks.

Guardrail posts play a vital role in the guardrails’ ability to resist and deflect the impact of machinery and vehicles upon collision. This is thanks to the combination of flexural and tensile stiffness and the posts’ shearing and bending resistance that are important factors that make a strong post system.

Guardrail posts are primarily used for fixing guardrail to a concrete floor and are available in various heights.

OHS requirements for guardrails are very strict. Our Guardrail posts are manufactured out of HA250 6mm material and Galvanised to AS 4680:2006 – “Hot-dip galvanized (zinc) coating on fabricated ferrous articles.”

In the installation of guardrail and guardrail posts, if extra energy absorption is required then a steel spacer block is used to give some extra space between the guardrail and post, thus allowing for extra energy absorption.

Benefits of Guardrail & Guardrail Posts

Aside from keeping your employees and visitors safe from accidents and accidental falls, having guardrails installed will ensure that you stay compliant with OH&S requirements.

Where to use Guardrail Posts

Guardrail Posts are used stand-alone or in conjunction with guardrails in factories, warehouses, car parks, commercial and industrial premises for safety purposes.

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