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What are Guardrail Pedestrian Safety Gates

Gates are created for a noble purpose – to secure and protect a property and everything inside against unwanted elements. There is one type of gate that is designed to keep pedestrians safe and secure by letting them enter and exit through a controlled barrier or wall – the pedestrian gate. This type of gate only allows people to pass through.

Guardrail Direct’s spring return pedestrian gates are manufactured with the highest quality of materials and our renowned expertise in customisation. Our pedestrian gates might appear simple, but they provide the best pedestrian access control solution. They can be used in many access-controlled areas and are customisable to fit any opening.

All our spring return pedestrian gates are crafted and galvanised for a long-lasting service.

Benefits of Guardrail Gates

Fewer accidents! In Australia, the industry guideline for gate safety necessitates the availability of safe access for pedestrians. They let you enter and exit a certain place safely and securely and can prohibit pedestrians and staff from entering where vehicles or machinery operate. In a sense, pedestrian gates are created to make people’s lives safer.

Our Guardrail pedestrian gates have customisable openings, a magnetic catch and are self-closing

Where to use Guardrail Gates

● Factories, Warehouses and other Industrial and Commercial premises
● Manufacturing plants
● Schools and children centres
● Commercial establishments
● Agricultural and industrial areas

Guardrail Direct can provide further advice for specific requirements.

Contact us on (03) 9736 3333.

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